The course is designed to introduce students to fundamental principles of Medical Technology profession, laboratory safety, and waste management. In addition, students are introduced to the structure of clinical laboratory and pathology services and an examination of the roles and functions of Medical Technologists. Students are introduced to Professional Practice issues including discussions on the historical foundations of the Profession, its impact and contribution to the society.
The course will also deal with the study of principles and concepts in safety as they are applied in clinical laboratory practice. It tackles the risk assessment process that includes hazards identification and risk evaluation, as well as knowledge on appropriate mitigation controls. Performance measures are likewise discussed to determine whether risks are reduced or eliminated effectively by the selected mitigation controls. Topics on laboratory emergency preparedness and response are also included, using scenario-based or real-life situations. Moreover, it will include the study of Waste management principles, methods, and procedures, and how they are utilized in the clinical laboratory setting. Topics include international and local legislations and guidelines on Environment Management, Health care waste, sanitation codes, 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) with zero waste.