his course identifies common tools, technology and technique used in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry. It includes an overview of the applications or systems composed of technical processes, methods, software and hardware that have evolved and streamlined certain functions in the workplace. These applications and systems include those used in (1) an organization’s internal functions, (2) business to business operations (including operations and suppliers) and (3) business to consumer transactions. The goal is to expose students to different applications so he/she can identify, learn, analyze and understand available devices and solutions, from which they can select the ones that is most appropriate for the business function. Topics covered: how to utilize information technology applications; how to use various communication channels in dealing with guests and colleagues; how to access and retrieve electronic-based data; how to perform administrative and clerical procedures; how to receive and process reservations; how to source and to provide destination information and advice; how to produce applicable travel documentation, etc. The student will also learn to appreciate the impact of technological innovations to the economy, the industry, the organization’s business model and to specific functions/operations of the organization. Thi s will also ensure that the students will also know the value of including tools and technology in its business strategy.