This course is designed to give a clear and whole overview of Tourism and Hospitality as an ecosystem and goes beyond the usual closed - concept of tourism. It introduces the concepts and terms that are common throughout the different sectors. It also intends to develop, update and maintain local knowledge as well as tourism industry knowledge . It shows the structure and the scope of tourism as well as the impact of Tourism as an industry in relation to the world economy and society. It also illustrates the effects of the convergence of tourism with the other local industries and let the students appreciate its multiplier effect in various fronts. It discusses the major factors that influence the history and future of tourism in the world and in the Philippines. It also introduces the sustainable goal of tourism and discusses, among others, how to develop protective environments for children in tourism destination, to observe and perform risk management activities, etc. The students will also learn to appreciate the key global organizations and the roles they play in influencing and monitoring tourism trends.